In-School Activities

Updated 9/2/20

Levey will strictly limit the number of people who might introduce coronavirus into the school community. Only Levey students and staff will be allowed inside the school building during school hours. Open House, parent-teacher conferences and similar meetings will take place via phone or Zoom. 


In order to reduce the risk of transmission between classes, Levey will treat each homeroom as a single cohort and limit interactions between classes as much as possible. Specialists will rotate between classrooms. Students will limit time in hallways and in bathrooms. 


In accordance with guidance provided by the Maine Department of Education Framework, students must wear masks when indoors, except when eating. Students may take their masks off during meals, as long as physical distancing is maintained. Students must wear masks outdoors, unless they are able to maintain physical distance and have their teacher’s permission. Students must listen to the instructions of their teachers regarding mask-wearing and physical distancing. Teachers will wear masks at all times.


Teachers will reinforce the importance of physical distancing and mask wearing to reduce the risk of virus transmission among students and between students and staff. In accordance with the Maine Department of Education framework, adults must maintain 6 feet of distance from others to the extent possible. Maintaining 3 feet of distance is acceptable between students when combined with masks.  6 feet of physical distancing is required for students while eating snacks and lunch, as students will be unable to wear masks at that time.


Students will wash their hands in accordance with CDC recommendations, and teachers will regularly reinforce the importance of hand washing before and after eating, after touching frequently touched surfaces and items, after using the restroom, and after sneezing, coughing, blowing their nose, etc. 


Students will be outdoors as much as possible, including during lunch, snack time, and aftercare. Each student should bring a towel, clearly labeled in permanent ink, to sit comfortably outdoors. The towel should be brought home and laundered on weekends. When indoors, students will maintain physical distance from one another and avoid sharing supplies and equipment as much as possible. Classroom windows will be open whenever possible.


Communal spaces will be cleaned and disinfected at least daily; frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, railings, and light switches will be cleaned multiple times each day as necessary. Spaces and equipment shared by multiple groups of students will be cleaned between use when practical. Where developmentally appropriate, students will help to steward and clean their own environments. 


 The school water fountains have been disconnected to minimize risk of coronavirus transmission. Students must bring reusable water bottles to school and bring them home each night for cleaning and refilling. Water bottles should be clearly labeled with permanent ink.

Sport activities will continue, outside whenever possible. Masks will be worn. Students will wash hands before and after sports activities, and equipment will be cleaned as necessary. Playground apparatus and portable playground equipment (balls, jump ropes, etc.) will be disinfected regularly. 


Singing will not be encouraged in school this year due to the elevated risks of coronavirus transmission associated with this activity. Students will not use wind instruments such as recorders in music class.


 Students may not enter the school office. 


If a student displays COVID-19 symptoms at school or needs to be picked up early for other medical reasons, the student will remain in a designated room while awaiting pickup. The room will not be used by others until it is disinfected. Staff will exercise elevated precautions to ensure that the student remains at least six feet from others.


If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19 shortly after attending school, Levey will notify all families while maintaining confidentiality. The school will also notify local and state health officials. We will be guided by the Maine CDC Standard Operating Procedure for COVID-19 cases in a school, including cleaning classrooms and partial or full-school pivot to remote learning as appropriate. At a minimum, parents should anticipate a 14-day quarantine for their child(ren) if the case is in their child(ren)’s classroom.