Student Expectations

Each student must have at least two cloth masks with the student’s name written on them in permanent ink. These face coverings should be school-appropriate: they should not be “scary” for our youngest students and should not display any inappropriate imagery, designs, or language. Gaiters, bandanas, scarves, and face shields are not permitted.


Students must wear masks when indoors, except when eating. Students may take their masks off during meals. Students must wear masks outdoors, unless they are able to maintain physical distance and have their teacher’s permission. Students must listen to the instructions of their teachers regarding mask-wearing and physical distancing. At least 3 feet of physical distance is required for students while eating snacks and lunch, as students will be unable to wear masks at that time. Teachers will wear masks at all times. Teachers will reinforce the importance of mask wearing and physical distancing to reduce the risk of virus transmission among students and between students and staff


Students will wash their hands regularly, and teachers will regularly reinforce the importance of hand washing before and after eating, after touching frequently touched surfaces and items, after using the restroom, and after sneezing, coughing, blowing their nose, etc. 


Students will be outdoors as much as possible, including during lunch, snack time, and aftercare. Each student should bring a yoga mat or towel, clearly labeled in permanent ink, to sit comfortably outdoors. The towel should be brought home and laundered on weekends. Classroom windows will be open whenever possible.


Parents will be contacted if a child is having repeated difficulty wearing a mask and/or repeatedly refusing to wear a mask or maintain physical distancing as required. If a reasonable effort has been made between the student, parent, and teacher to address these challenges and the behavior continues, the student may need to learn from home until that student is able to independently follow this policy.