Student Expectations

Updated 9/2/20

Protective Face Coverings and Physical Distancing:

In accordance with guidance provided by the Maine Department of Education Framework, students must wear masks when indoors, except when eating. Students may take their masks off during meals, as long as physical distancing is maintained. Students must wear masks outdoors, unless they are able to maintain physical distance and have their teacher’s permission. Students must listen to the instructions of their teachers regarding mask-wearing and physical distancing. [Updated 9.2.20)


Each student must have two cloth masks or face coverings with the student’s name written on them in permanent ink. These face coverings should be school-appropriate: they should not be “scary” for our youngest students and should not display any inappropriate imagery, designs, or language.


Before the first day of school, please make sure your child’s masks or face coverings fit them properly and that they can take each off and put each on independently. All families should practice face covering and mask usage with their children at home. The following sites may be helpful to families looking for assistance in educating their children on face coverings:


Parents will be contacted if a child is having repeated difficulty wearing a mask and/or repeatedly refusing to wear a mask or maintain social distancing as required. If a reasonable effort has been made between the student, parent, and teacher to address these challenges and the behavior continues, the student may need to learn from home until that student is able to independently follow this policy.


Student Supplies 


As much as possible, students will not share supplies or come in contact with one another’s materials. Students should bring all necessary school supplies in a clearly labeled backpack and keep pencils, pens, crayons, markers, notebooks and books and other necessary supplies within her/his cubby or in a clearly labeled case designed for easy usage.   


Students must bring reusable water bottles to school and bring them home each night for cleaning and refilling. Water bottles should be clearly labeled with permanent ink. Students will not be able to use the school water fountain.


Hand Washing


Teachers will teach students to wash their hands in accordance with CDC recommendations and will regularly reinforce the importance of hand washing before and after eating, after touching frequently touched surfaces and items, after using the restroom, and after sneezing/coughing/blowing nose. Please practice these routines at home with your child.