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English Language Arts
We encourage lifelong readers and writers who:
develop a deep appreciation for the written word, become insightful readers and active listeners, and speak and write with increasing clarity and confidence.
Our literacy program builds on the children's existing knowledge and rich linguistic experience.  On-going assessments and a developmental approach helps guide teachers in meeting individual needs and learning styles.  
Reading and writing is taught using Columbia University's Teacher's College Readers' and Writers' Workshop model.  Children are exposed to a wide variety of text and genres.  Themes such as social justice, self-awareness, respect, sharing and giving, empathy and communication are explored.   Connections are made through discussions and written responses.  Cross-curricular studies help weave the subject matter seamlessly.   
The interconnectedness between reading and writing is emphasized.  Students begin with a multi-sensory approach through story dictation and Writer's Workshop.  We aim to make language experiences joyful and respectful of each child's developmental readiness.

Throughout the lower school and upper school experiences children are encouraged to put their own voices into print:  their ideas, thoughts, illustrations, findings and discoveries.  Teachers work to create a highly respectful environment to nurture our student writers.
An Ode to Levey.png

This poem, Ode to Levey, by Rafi '24, was written during his classroom's poetry study.  Our middle schoolers are studying all different forms of poetry in their ELA class.

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