Jewish History and Culture

Judaics at Levey are studies of Jewish values, culture, and history. While these aspects of Jewish living are intertwined with, and are traditionally expressed through Judaism as a religion, every child at Levey is encouraged to seek their own answers to personal questions about identity, spirituality, and belief. As an open and diverse Jewish day school, Levey not only has Jewish students from across the religious spectrum, we are also home to students who do not come from Jewish homes. Therefore, it is important to us that while our students may be taught about Jewish religion, they will be educated, rather than be proselytized to.


The Judaics curriculum is diverse. We have learned topics such as Jewish teachings about ethical speech (lashon hara), Jewish holidays, the diversity of modern Jewish religious and cultural movements, Jewish prayer, and many others.

Now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year. 


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