Science, STEAM and DASH
Our Science, STEAM and DASH programs are all encompassing across all grade levels (STEAM-science, technology, arts, and mathematics; DASH- days of arts, science, and humanities). 
Our students get their hands on a variety of materials to redesign, rethink, and explore, all the while building their 21st century skill set.  In each grade, teachers make use of technological tools to help students conduct research, organize information, create presentations and projects, and document their learning. 
The curriculum focuses on one umbrella topic or concept four times a year for one week during DASH.  Students participate in the worldwide Cardboard Challenge, as well as designing their own menorahs out of recycled materials.
Our campus is closed at least through April 27 due to concerted efforts to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.  Our students will maintain a continuity of learning  through remote learning plans.
The admissions office will work remotely so please contact us for inquiries.

Levey Day School


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Portland, Maine 04103


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