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We are grateful. We are grateful for living in a beautiful state, for our families and friends, and for being able to give children at Levey Day School the best possible academic and social education driven by Jewish values.  


We asked our parents, teachers, and students, and here are a few of the things for which they are grateful:

  • “Levey creates a strong, nurturing community for our children to grow and thrive.”

  • “Levey has helped our family get back to our Jewish roots.”

  • “Levey exudes compassion, acceptance, diversity, and love.”

  • “Everyone who is able to be part of our community is special and unique.”

We are grateful to all our parents for deciding to entrust their child(ren) to our school, and for your joyful participation in our Levey family. We are grateful to all of our supporters for their ongoing relationship with our school, and for your continuing joyful involvement with our Levey family. 

We are grateful for being able to learn together in person during this difficult time. We are growing in strength and numbers, and every day Levey makes a difference in the lives of our students and our community. In order to continue to create this extraordinary school environment, we need your help. Because we are dedicated to providing a Levey education to all who want to be part of our community, paid tuition only covers about 65% of our expenses. Won’t you help us continue our work by making a donation to our annual appeal fund?  


Our students are the leaders in their next school. They take their Jewish values with them wherever they go. This is only possible because of the support that we receive from donors like you. With your help, Levey will continue to grow and will continue to attract and retain the excellent faculty that mentors, coaches, and educates our students. In the words of one teacher, “Levey weaves a tapestry of connections between the teachers, the kids and the families.” We are only as strong as our community—please help us continue to thrive.


You may mail in your contribution to:


Annual Fund Campaign

c/o Levey Day School

400 Deering Avenue

Portland, Maine  04103

We welcome gifts of cash or stocks, and would also be happy to discuss options for planned giving.

We also welcome Scholarship Funds, Matching Gifts, Stock Gifts, Memorial and Honorary Gifts, Endowment, and Planned Giving, such as: Bequests, Trusts, and Life Insurance.


If you would like to make a gift to Levey or learn about the many other ways you can support Levey, please contact the office at (207) 774-7676 or

Levey Day School is a  501(c) (3) nonprofit.

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