Visual Arts

Levey students are known for their love of all things art.  Students become visual artists, musical composers, instrument players, actresses and actors, dancers, and sculptors.  They're taught from a distinguished Maine artist who finds the best in each child, and ignites the passion within each young artist. 

Our youngest students engage with art materials provided in an open-ended format; appreciate process over product; develop fine motor skills with the use of various art tools; older classes study an artist’s life and work throughout the semester. Individual and group art is celebrated throughout the halls of Levey.

Our primary students gain exposure to many types of art materials; create projects that practice art forms (printmaking, painting, sculpture, watercolor, drawing, and mixed media); explore art history and study artists; visit museums and art studios; develop art awareness and vocabulary.  Individual and group art is celebrated throughout the halls of Levey.

Our Intermediate students develop a confident and independent artistic voice; find inspiration from art, artists, galleries, and museums as well as curricular connections; continue exploring variety of art forms (printmaking, painting, collage, contour drawing, sculpture, ceramics and photography); nurture a life-long appreciation of art as an expressive, relevant, and visual language of history, culture, politics, thought, and emotion.  Individual and group art is celebrated throughout the halls of Levey.

Our campus is closed at least through April 27 due to concerted efforts to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.  Our students will maintain a continuity of learning  through remote learning plans.
The admissions office will work remotely so please contact us for inquiries.

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