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Our Mission and

Core Values

"Hands down the most articulate, engaging, and thoughtful students we've had visit in a very long time!"

--Docent Supervisor,

Portland Museum of Art

Mission Statement


Levey Day School provides a nurturing community and a challenging, personalized curriculum infused with Jewish values and Hebrew language. Students of all backgrounds become lifelong learners committed to tikkun olam (improving our world).

Core Values


Creativity  יצירתיות

Levey prepares its students for academic success and personal fulfillment by empowering them to ask questions, think independently, engage artistically, and collaborate effectively. Students learn how to be innovative problem solvers, critical readers, and thoughtful risk-takers.

Character  אופי

Levey cultivates a deeply rooted sense of personal identity and self-esteem. Students gain enduring ethical values, strong leadership skills, a spirit of global citizenship, and a lasting commitment to making a difference.

Respect and Honor  כבוד

Levey respects and values every person as a unique individual, attending to each child’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual needs. Students care for themselves, one another, and the environment, taking responsibility for their choices.  

Kehillah  קהילה

Levey builds a welcoming community that draws strength from diverse religions, cultures, family structures, and gender, racial, ethnic and socioeconomic identities. Students and their families develop a sense of belonging and a passion for g’milut hasadim (serving others) in Maine and beyond.


Klal Yisrael  כלל ישראל

Levey instills a love for the Jewish People and the Land of Israel. Students engage daily in Hebrew language study, ritual practice, and analysis of Jewish texts while forging relationships with Jews locally, in Israel, and around the world.

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