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Our Mission and Core Values

"Hands down the most articulate, engaging, and thoughtful students we've had visit in a very long time!"

--Docent Supervisor,
Portland Museum of Art


Levey Day School will become a model for providing inspirational and meaningful Jewish and secular education to a diverse learning community. Members of the Levey community will grow academically in an environment that fosters emotional, social, physical, and spiritual well-being. Levey graduates will think critically, approach the world creatively, embrace diversity, radiate
joyful confidence, and demonstrate loving kindness.



Levey Day School provides a joyful, nurturing community and a challenging, personalized curriculum that integrates secular subjects, Jewish values, and Hebrew language. The Levey community welcomes people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and abilities. A Levey education instills a love of learning, a desire for self-improvement, and a commitment to social

Core Values


Creativity יצירתיות 

Levey prepares its learning community for success and fulfillment by empowering members to ask questions, think independently, express themselves artistically, and collaborate effectively. Members of the Levey community become critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers.

Character אופי
Levey cultivates a deeply rooted sense of personal identity and self-esteem. Members of Levey’s learning community gain an understanding of the ethical lessons of Judaism, strong leadership skills, a spirit of global citizenship, and a lasting commitment to making a difference.

Respect and Dignity כבוד
Levey respects and values every person as a unique individual, attending to each child’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual needs. Members of the Levey community care and advocate for themselves, have compassion for one another, and take responsibility for their choices.


Community קהילה 
Levey builds a welcoming community that draws strength from diverse religions, cultures, and family structures, as well as gender, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and sexual identities. Members of Levey’s learning community develop a sense of belonging and a passion for serving others and preserving our environme

Jewish Peoplehood כלל ישראל 
Levey instills a love for and connection to the Jewish People. Members of the Levey community engage with the global Jewish experience, forging relationships with Jews locally, in Israel, and around the world.

Joy שמחה
Levey fosters a sense of joy and warmth. Members of the Levey community celebrate learning together in a safe community where everyone can be their best selves.

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