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WMTW News 8 broadcast live from Levey's campus as part of "Weather At Your School."  After several live remotes, WMTW meteorologist Jacqueline Thomas spent part of the morning teaching about the weather, her job, and forecasting in the Northeast.

Portland Mayor Kate Snyder served as special guest judge for Levey's annual Menorah contest.  Each year, students across grade levels are invited to make their own menorah out of recycled materials. 
Sometimes students choose a theme, like an amusement park, to base their menorah design on.   
Levey participated in the PJ Library event "Sparkle Havdalah" this winter.  Our staff and students pitched in to face paint all the children that evening. There was a book reading, games, and food for children. Levey uses events like this to help with community relations, marketing, and admissions.  


Families from all over Maine were treated to a great afternoon of fun, smiles, and slime.  SlimeFest '19 proved to be a great event for kids of all ages. Children made slime of all kinds like volcano slime, bumpy slime, foam slime, stretchy slime, and grape juice slime to name a few.  We already can't wait for SlimeFest II in 2020.



The Levey Coffeehouse is a project to encourage self-motivated artistic projects of a musical nature from students. Each student participates in two performances in groups of one to four. The expectation is that they will find something unique and challenging, and find time on their own to develop the performance. This self-motivation towards a creative goal is the core of the coffeehouse concept. Because the focus is on individual creative expression, the setting is purposefully comfortable and low-key, a place where the students will only perform for their peers. Bean bag chairs, mood lighting, and kid-friendly drinks and snacks are shared.  Coffee House allows the students to be supportive of each as they each take unique, creative risks. It is great to see the ways the students rise to these challenges and come up with performances that utilize their own unique skills.


Students in all grades are invited to participate in the school's Purim Talent Show.  Parents, friends, and community members are invited to join us as students take to the stage, play an instrument, recite a poem, do a magic trick, dance, sing, or do comedy.  It's a great way for our children to take risks in a supportive, embracing atmosphere.

Space is limited for the 2021-2022 school year!  Call today!


Contact admissions at jtremblay@leveydayschool.org or call 207-774-7676 today.

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